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Bond problem

1986.04.25   (Edward White to Henry Mackall, in part)  
"I would appreciate it if you would forward this to Mr. O'Connell and clarify with him his intention to qualify on May 1st. If he does not agree or requests further delaying tactics, I feel that I have no other recourse in serving my client than to seek to have him removed as a Trustee.  This matter is costing Mrs. O'Connell dearly with the delay."

1986.05.08   (Henry Mackall to Anthony O’Connell and H.A. Higham)
"Enclosed please find a copy of my letter to Mr. White together with copy of a proposed Petition and Order in connection with the bond problem we ran into when you attempted to qualify [On May 1].  I have discussed this with Mr. White and expect no problem getting it entered.  If either of you have any objections to anything in either of these documents please let me know.
Sincerely, Henry C. Mackall”
(Comment: Why would Mr. Mackall have me come from Saint Louis, Missouri, to Fairfax, Virginia, to qualify in Court, and after my telling him that the named non-resident trustee H. A. Higham and I have known each other since high school and were good friends, ask us to wait outside the Court while he went in by himself? What is the bond problem document Mr. Mackall ran into?)